NUtec Digital Ink have developed an impressive range of Mild Solvent, Environment Responsible Products (ERP)  and UV Cured Digital Printing Inks, for the commercial and industrial inkjet printing industry.

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UV Curable Inks

     -  Amethyst A50-UV-MP Series
     -  Amethyst A50-UV-MPX Series
     -  Amethyst A56-MP-F&F
     -  Amethyst A56-XMP


     -  NUbis Bulk Ink System
     -  NUsolution Adaptor for HP FB

Dye Sublimation Inks

     -  Aquamarine AQ10-DS

Eco Solvent Inks for High Res

     -  Emerald E10-ECO+ Series
     -  Emerald E12 Series

Mild Solvent Inks for Wide and Super Wide Format

     -  Topaz T51-N Series
     -  Granite G60-SP Series
     -  Sapphire S20 Series
     -  Topaz T21-X3 Series
     -  Topaz T51 Series
     -  Topaz T51-HD Series
     -  Topaz T53-XLF Series

Flushing Fluids

     -  NUtec MF Flushing Fluid
     -  NUtec MF+ Flushing Fluid

Liquid Laminates

     -  NUcoat AQUA 500-UVP Gloss