Jamie Lowndes, the original founder of TechINK, is the Managing Director of NUtec Digital Ink, bringing with him 15 years of indispensable industry experience. Jamie’s drive for product excellence, along with his passion for innovation, will ensure NUtec sets new levels of quality and product innovation within the digital printing ink industry.

Tony Davison, the Financial Director of NUtec, has been involved in the digital printing ink industry for the past 12 years. Tony has comprehensive knowledge of all the relevant financial and commercial aspects of the business.

Paul Geldenhuys is the R&D Director of NUtec. He is an integrations specialist, who is globally respected for his contribution towards the industry over the last 12 years. Paul has unique abilities which, when combined with his engineering skills and chemistry knowledge, make him an extremely valuable asset to the team.

Neil Green is the Sales and Marketing Director for NUtec, with over 15 years experience within the digital printing industry. Neil has an intimate understanding of this dynamic market and keeps close to the industry trends to ensure his clients are always given relevant products, which keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the industry.